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Park NX20 Lite

Park NX20 Lite

The most affordable AFM system for wafer measurement and analysis with latest NX performance

The Park NX20 Lite includes many unique capabilities that make it ideal for shared labs that handle a diverse range of samples, researchers doing multi variant experiments, and failure analysis engineers working on wafers. Its reasonable price and robust feature set also make it one of the best value large-sample AFMs in the industry.

The Most Convenient Sample Measurements with MultiSample Scan

  • Automated imaging of multiple samples in one pass
  • Specially designed multi-sample chuck for the loading of up to 16 individual samples
  • Fully motorized XY sample stage travels up to 150 mm x 150 mm

Using the motorized sample stage, MultiSample Scan™ enables programmable multiple region imaging in step-and-scan automation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register multiple scan positions defined by a user
  • Image from the first scan position
  • Lift a cantilever
  • Move the motorized stage to the next user defined coordinate
  • Approach
  • Repeat scan

The registration of multiple scan positions is easily carried out by either entering sample-stage coordinates or sample de-skewing by two reference points. This automated feature greatly increases productivity by reducing the need for your interaction during the scan process.