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Leading nano metrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research for samples up to 200mm x 200mm

Park NX20, with its reputation in the semiconductor and hard disk industry as the world’s most accurate large sample AFM.

Accurate AFM Solutions for FA and Research Laboratories

  • Able to detect the sidewall and surface of the sample, and measure their angle.
  • Surface roughness measurements for media and substrates
  • High resolution electrical scan mode
    QuickStep SCM – The Fastest Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
  • PinPoint AFM – The Frictionless Conductive AFM
  • …more related AFM modes
  • Accurate and reproducible measurements
  • True Non-Contact mode preserves the sharp tip end even after imaging 200 images of CrN (a very abrasive surface)
  • True Sample Topography™ without piezo creep error- This produces highly accurate sample topography, no edge overshoot and no need for calibration.