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Park NX 10 AFM

Park NX 10 AFM

The quickest path to innovative research. Adaptable to any project.
The most extensive range of SPM modes. NX series allows it to be easily tailored to the needs of any scanning probe microscopy project.

Park NX10 produces data you can trust, replicate, and publish at the highest nano resolution.

  • Easy Tip and Sample Exchange
    The cantilever is ready for scanning without the need for any tricky laser beam alignment by using pre-aligned cantilevers mounted on to the cantilever tip holder.
  • Lightning Fast Automatic Tip Approach
    Our automatic tip to sample approach requires no user intervention and engages in just 10 seconds after loading the cantilever.
  • High Speed Z Scanner
  • The Z detector is the key technological advance of the new NX-series AFM. The noise level is low enough for Z-detector to be used as the default topography signal.
  • Motorized XY Sample Stage
  • Step Scan Automation
  • Accurate AFM Scan by True Non-Contact™ Mode
  • SmartScan™
  • High Speed Digital Electronics