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NX20-300mm AFM

NX20-300mm AFM

The leading automated nanometrology tool for 300 mm wafer measurement and analysis

Park NX20 300mm is the industry’s first large sample AFM that supports a full motorized traveling range of 300 mm x 300 mm. The entire 300 mm wafer area can be analyzed for low-noise AFM measurements

  • Flexible 300 mm Sample Chuck

Supports a wide range of wafer sizes, shapes, and types allowing users to accurately scan practically any sample.

  • SmartScan™ Software makes getting accurate measurements simple. NX20-300mm quipped with Park’s SmartScan OS, making it one of the easiest to use AFMs on the market. With an intuitive but extremely powerful interface, even untrained users can quickly scan a large sample without supervision.
    Scan multiple sites on the entire 300 mm wafer. SmartScan’s program mode allows users to take automated sequential site measurements, compare surface morphologies, height, surface roughness from site-to-site and sample-to-sample using grid and wafer based modes.
    Powerful recipe creation. Park Systems’s simple recipe creation process allows engineers to set presets defined by location, name, number and type on each batch.

The NX20-300mm model is already the best choice for FA, QA, and QC engineers that need its unparalleled ease of use and automation without compromising on accuracy.

Has the ability to measure roughness, height and depth, perform defect reviews, electrical and magnetic failure analyses, thermal property characterization, and nanomechanical property imaging, the AFM is ideally suited to a wide range of tasks performed by FA, QA, and QC engineers that work with large samples.