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Park NX-HiVAC AFM – High vacuum scanning for failure analysis applications

Park NX-Hivac enables materials scientific research that requires high accuracy and high resolution measurements in a vacuum environment free from oxygen and other agents.

Closed-loop XY and Z Scanners.

Two independent closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners for the sample and probe tip. The NX-Hivac offers flat and orthogonal XY scanning with low residual bow, offering out of plane motion less than 1 nm over the entire scan range.
A high speeds Z scanner with a 15 μm scan range and Z scanner non-linearity is less than 0.5%. This provides accurate 2D and 3D measurements with no need for software processing.

Park Hivac Manager

NX-Hivac auto vacuum control

High vacuum is controlled by Hivac Manger, pumping for the optimized vacuum condition and venting processes are logically and visually controlled by one-button clicking. Each process is visually monitored by color and schematic changes, you would not need to worry about the sequence of vacuum operation after click on a button.

Advanced automation features

The NX-Hivac features a range of tools that minimize the required input from the user.

  • StepScan Automation with Motorized stage (foto)
  • Motorized laser alignment (foto)
Low Noise XYZ Position Sensors

Although the NX-Hivac is the world’s most accurate high performance AFM, it is also one of the easiest to use and convenient AFMs for failure analysis applications.